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Ankr Protocol Joins Forces with Pocket Network to Develop Decentralized Web3 Infrastructure

Ankr Protocol Joins Forces with Pocket Network to Develop Decentralized Web3 Infrastructure

Leading Web3 infrastructure provider Ankr announced its partnership with Pocket Network, a blockchain data ecosystem for decentralized applications (dApps) based on Web3.

Ankr Partners with Pocket Network

In a bid to build a fully decentralized infrastructure to foster Web3 adoption, Ankr has allied with Pocket Network.

The partnership is not something unexpected as both Ankr and Pocket Network have cemented themselves as the leading Web3 infrastructure developers. Notably, Pocket Network has become a node provider on the Ankr Protocol, enabling its node runners to earn revenue by supplying nodes to the Ankr Protocol network.

The partnership between Ankr and Pocket Network will allow the thousands of builders, wallets, and dApps in both ecosystems to seamlessly interact with the blockchain through their RPC services to reach a high-performance and fully decentralized pool of nodes.

Notably, the Ankr Protocol allows whitelisted providers to supply nodes to their network. To date, Pocket Network is the most decentralized and largest provider that has been added to Ankr’s network.

Commenting on the development, Greg Gopman, the Chief Marketing Officer at Ankr, noted:

“Bringing Pocket onto the Ankr Protocol marks a new era of coverage and decentralization for Ankr and our clients. We love what Pocket has started and the passionate community they’ve fostered. We’re thrilled to have them join on our journey to create the best Web3 Infrastructure solutions.”

Pocket Network Adoption Continues to Surge

With a globally distributed network of more than 44,000 nodes, Pocket Network has quickly become the go-to node provider that serves blockchain requests coming via Ankr Protocol to both Harmony and IoTeX chains. The more traffic that Pocket Network serves, the better it is for its native token, POKT. The higher traffic serves as a strong incentive for Pocket Network’s developers, tokens, holders, and node providers.

It is worthy of note that just in the first week of the partnership, Pocket Network has witnessed a 30 percent surge in usage in its Harmony and IoTeX nodes.

Similarly, Ankr Protocol serves an average of six billion blockchain requests per day across over 50 chains. The partnership with Pocket Network makes Ankr Protocol more distributed than ever before, thereby providing users around the world with the lowest latency connections. Subsequently, this will lead to developers and dApps connecting to the most popular blockchains in the fastest and most decentralized manner possible.

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