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How to earn Devotion in Cult of the Lamb

How to earn Devotion in Cult of the Lamb

The Cult of the Lamb tasks players with creating their own cult to generate power and ultimately service the Dark Lord himself. One of the first understandings for proper cults is that your followers being devoted to you (and your cause) helps greatly.

Whether players are building new religious buildings, entering the lands of the Old Gods, or punishing their followers, a proper level of devotion will help unlock new technologies faster. This, in turn, will bleed into sermon efficacy, so having highly devoted followers will help immensely.

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Command followers to worship

When you initially convert a follower in your camp, you can select commands for those users: cleaning the camp, harvesting wood or stone, or worshipping at your Shrine. To earn Devotion, you’ll want your followers to get to worshipping in the middle of the camp. If a cultist has already been assigned to a different task, simple walk up to them and select ‘Work’ then ‘Worship’.

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This results in a slow increase of Devotion over time, that players can then collect to put to use in their evil machinations of technology upgrades. If players can get enough Devotion, they can unlock new skills for use. The trickle over time of Devotion, however, may not be fast enough to satiate cult leaders with an unholy hunger.

Occasionally, while traversing the Lands of the Old Gods, players will come across Shrines for other Bishops and Old Gods. Interact with these in order to steal small amounts of Devotion for your cult.

How to gain Devotion faster in Cult of the Lamb

Users have two primary means of gaining Devotion faster: send more cultists to worship, or level your cultists up. If you find your resources aren’t stagnating, send additional cultists to increase the speed of Devotion gained.

Increasing the levels of your cultists, through daily interactions, blessings, and sermons will ultimately transfer over to a faster Devotion gain while those cultists are worshipping. With this in mind, players will want to determine who is cared for best, depending on what the cult needs as a whole.

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