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Klay Thompson Knocks Down Fan During Championship Parade (Video)

Klay Thompson Knocks Down Fan During Championship Parade (Video)

Championship parades are known to get rowdy, and Monday’s celebration in San Francisco was no exception. Although, it did appear to come at the expense of one unsuspecting fan. 

The Warriors were marching the street with confetti in the air and fans screaming for them in every direction. Klay Thompson was walking when he appeared to trip and stumbled for several strides until his 6’6” frame came into contact with an unsuspecting bystander. 

Thompson stumbled all the way to the woman and knocked her to the ground. Both Thompson and security quickly helped her up but he didn’t seem too worried. As soon as she was on her feet, Thompson immediately went on his way and greeted more fans. 

The woman didn’t appear to be hurt, thankfully. 

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