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‘Making Somizi jealous’: Tweeps react to Lasizwe and Mohale’s kiss

‘Making Somizi jealous’: Tweeps react to Lasizwe and Mohale’s kiss

Tweeps are still not convinced that Somizi’s former husband Mohale Motaung and former friend Lasizwe Dambuza are in a relationship after they shared a passionate kiss on their Instagram Live with Ntando Duma yesterday, 22 July.   

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Rumours of Mohale Motaung and Lasizwe Dambuza dating began when the pair showed up at the Durban July together, where they were holding hands and acting like lovers.  

The pair also had tongues wagging on Thursday, 21 July at Khanyi Mbau’s Comedy Central Roast where they were holding hands on the red carpet.  

They also repeatedly denied being romantically linked despite photos of them holding hands and acting like a couple on social media and events..   

But on Friday, 22 July Mohale and Lasizwe removed all doubt that they’re dating when they shared a passionate kiss while doing an Instagram Live with actress and DJ Ntando Duma.  

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Lasizwe is trying to make Somizi jealous

— James Luke Carter (@JamesLukeCarte1) July 22, 2022


Tweeps however believe that Mohale and the YouTubers’s kiss is a publicity stunt while others claim that he and Mohale are just trying to get back at Somizi as they don’t get along with him.


“Lasizwe is getting his petty on. He is really sticking it to Somizi.”


“This feels like this is a publicity stunt.”  


“I’m gonna need to see it in video form. No ways. They give off friendship vibes and I need them both to bag hot, monied men.”  


“Isn’t Somizi dating Lasizwe’s Ex?  Now Lasizwe is dating Somizi’s ex-husband?  Mos it’s 50/50.”  


“By the time Lasizwe was kissing Mohale, I called him and said to make it look professional so that Somizi can understand the pain of Mjolo.”  


“They are trying to send that 50-year-old straight into a coma, what they’re doing to our Rainbow Ancestor is not right. That’s why he should stick to his age mates, ayeke ama Teletubbies naye.”  


“For real looks staged.”


“Lasizwe is trying to make Somizi jealous.”  


“It’s giving the enemy of my enemy is my friend vibe.” 

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It’s a publicity stunt and it’s sooo obvious!!!

— Princessdee (@Princes70672819) July 22, 2022

Lasizwe usomaPublicity stunts🙄😑remember the Cedric Fourie situation🙄🙄

— Zibu👑❤ (@Confida42366933) July 22, 2022

People need to calm down and relax…this is what celebrities do they pull up with Heavy stunts…This is all publicity.Lasizwe and Mohale are friends they’d never date..Their mission in this case is to confuse the enemy (the media)and to annoy the idols judge😉

— Charlieafrikka (@JohnsonAwalle) July 23, 2022

Celebrities will do anything to trend 😅it’s business I guess

— K Tricia (@tricia_kgomotso) July 22, 2022

Mohale got Lasizwe a birthday present. Image via Instagram Story @Mohale_77

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