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Polygon: Coca-Cola Releases Friendship Day Special NFT

Polygon: Coca-Cola Releases Friendship Day Special NFT

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Polygon: Coca-Cola Releases Friendship Day Special NFT


Polygon studios shook hands with beverage giant Coca-Cola to launch first-of-a-kind, generative, and shareable collectibles to commemorate Interrnational Friendship Day.

“The collectibles have a unique share-to-reveal functionality where each artwork will reveal after being shared with a friend,” the tweet read.

As stated in the blog post, the soft drink manufacturer took inspiration from the bubbles inside a Coke bottle, along with themes of connection and unity, in creating the new collectible

The friendship-themed NFT is scheduled to be airdrop to the digital wallets of existing Coca-Cola collectible owners on July 30. Recipients will be able to share a second collectible with a friend to build the brand’s community of fans on the open blockchain.

According to Pratik Thakar, Head of Global Creative Strategy, Coca-Cola, the occasion of International Friendship Day provides the perfect opportunity to thank fans who’ve been a part of the brand’s journey into the metaverse over the last year.

Since the last friendship day on 2021, Coca-Cola has so far created over 4,000 digital collectibles, with a “loot box” auction benefiting Special Olympics International.

The brand has even dropped limited-edition digital collectibles to celebrate International Burger Day and International Pride Day, the latter of which was a collaboration with renowned South African fashion designer and LGBTQIA+ advocate Rick Minsi.

A few days earlier, MetaShooter, the first ever hunting metaverse, teamed up with Polygon Studios. The main goal behind this is to enhance scalability and build an energy-efficient project.

Polygon Expanding Its Footprint in GamiFi

Polygon Studios and MetaShooter have also agreed to seek opportunities for technological convergence, expand the metaverse, increase interoperability, and contribute to the growth of GameFi.

“This collaboration is a logical extension of our common purpose to make influence society through the power of blockchain gaming and entertainment, and it is an integral element of why we have come together to form this alliance,” the official post read.

On the other hand, Polygon-based Web3 gaming app Dragoma turned out to be a rug pull scam worth $3.5 million. Blockchain expert PeckShield also revealed that the project’s website is not responding and its social media handles were erased.

Further the blockchain security and data analytics firm said that the stolen funds have been moved to centralized exchanges.

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