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Relative of murdered Carenage woman urges others: Avoid violence after relationships

Relative of murdered Carenage woman urges others: Avoid violence after relationships


Stephanie Calbio
Stephanie Calbio

Just as men have been warned to respect boundaries and avoid resorting to violence after their relationship has ended, a Carenage woman is calling on other women to heed the same advice, as one of her relatives was stabbed to death on Monday morning.

Police said Stephanie Calbio, 34, was walking on Upper Abbe Poujade Street, Carenage, at around 11.15 am, when she got into a fight with a 24-year-old woman.

During the scuffle the woman took out a knife and stabbed Calbio several times before running away.

Calbio was taken to the St James Infirmary by passers-by where she was declared dead at 11.45 am.

Pamela Roberts Glasgow shows a receipt from a police report made by Stephanie Calbio who was stabbed to death during a fight with a woman. Glasgow is the mother of Calbio’s boyfriend. – JEFF K MAYERS

Investigators said the woman later surrendered to officers at the Carenage police station.

Newsday spoke with Pamela Roberts Glasgow, the mother of the man Calbio was in a relationship with.

She admitted that the woman who attacked Calbio was in a relationship with her son before.

Showing a receipt given to Calbio from a police report after another fight, Glasgow said she was not pleased with the police response in that situation and called on women to control their emotions and walk away from past relationships.

“If a man chooses whoever, that is his choice. If a man chooses one woman over another, there has to be reasons or a reason he chose that one.

“Stephanie was a darling. Even if I had to quarrel with her she would show me respect.

“They (the police) did not do enough. At no point when Stephanie made a report did they come.”

Police from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region I were expected to interview the suspect on Tuesday.

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